Michael Reagan: people moving from high-tax states to states with no income tax

How interesting it must have been to grow up with Ronald Reagan!

Anyhow, there is a chorus right now of “people and businesses are moving from high tax states to low tax states” in the news. Part of me just wants to say, “duh”, because all things being equal, there’s no reason not to choose a lower-tax state, like Texas.

The reason we still have people living in Missouri is that thankfully, all things are not equal: people have family here, they’ve already invested and established themselves in Missouri, they are comfortable here. But for people and businesses that get to make an untethered decision, there’s little Missouri can offer to the average business, say, one that isn’t going to win tax credits or other incentives.

Texas Passes NY in Fortune 500 List

Are some states driving people out with high state taxes?

If you tax them, they will leave

Disclaimer: your author was born in Texas. She has a mighty big soft spot for its enormity and bluebonnets.


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